Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring Garden

Our family spent the entire day last Saturday planting flowers and vegetables. We moved 3 truck loads of compost to till into our dirt. We planted a bunch of bulbs, filled flower pots and a vegetable garden. We spent the entire day in the sun until it was completely done. It felt rewarding to accomplish so much. These are close-ups Dan shot of our existing flowers. I'm glad we all work so well together.

The overgrown herb garden needed an overhaul so we started new plants including a lemon balm and lemon mint plant. I love herb teas and the fresh leaves can be steeped in hot water to make a hot tea or chilled down for ice tea. Rachel is watering the new mint plant and David is planting chili peppers. We built cement block boxes to contain our plants and grow enough produce to eat from our garden all summer long.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

23rd Anniversary in Capitol Reef

On May 1 Dan and I celebrated our 23 wedding anniversary. We decided to go away somewhere local in Utah with no certain plans. We ended up in a breathtaking place, Capitol Reef, located in central Utah. I can’t believe we live close to so many notorious locations in Utah and have never bothered to visit! We drove through a quaint little town called Torrey, UT which had some cool galleries, including a “farm girl” style craft shop, a coffee-candy shop and small mom and pop cafes. It was a treat to spend the day driving through.

We stopped at one tourist destination called “The Gifford House” which is an old homestead. They were demontrating pie making, rag rugs and quilting. Dan enjoyed the rhubard pie and then we walked up the cliffs overlooking the homestead. It was a day without computers, cell phones or TV, a much needed break .
For dinner we drove south to a restaurant in Boulder, UT called “Hells Backbone Grill”. I had pecan crusted trout and Dan had Lamb. We ate chocolate desserts to end a perfect weekend and then headed home to face a hectic week.