Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Art of Metal Clay revisited

Sherri's groundbreaking book, The Art of Metal Clay, first came out in 2003 and quickly became a classic. It recently underwent a renovation and emerged with a fresh cover and the most current information about this evolving art. Bead and Button magazine ran a nice review in the February 2011 issue.

Metal clay was a new product when Sherri first started experimenting with it, and since then, it has expanded and new products and techniques have been developed by Sherri and other metal clay artists. New material in the book includes:
  • The new bronze and copper clays, with must-have instructions for successful firing
  • up-to-date, detailed information on firing with stones
  • an improved method for calculating accurate ring sizes
  • two recently developed techniques for etching metal clay
  • new techniques for adding color, including working with pigments and enamels
  • all-new, inspiring galleries of work by prominent metal clay artists
Check Sherri's shop here for more information.

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