Monday, April 18, 2011

The Buzz about Beading Across America

The editors of Beading Across America chose Sherri to represent Utah in their book which features a project, instructions and an inspirational story from each artist. The focus of the book is seed bead projects. Sherri used metallic seed beads in an innovative bracelet design with macrame, various larger beads and a silver bee focal point made from precious metal clay. Utah is nicknamed "The Beehive State" or "The Deseret State" in reference to the early Mormon settlers who were known for their hard work, and also to commemorate the industry, perseverance and thrift of the early settlers. Sherri's ancestors were some of the first pioneers who, at great sacrifice, traveled across the plains from the east coast to settle the barren desert where Salt Lake City now stands. This bracelet is a stylish representation of that theme. You can find more information on Beading Across America here. If you are interested in more projects that combine beads and macrame, Sherri's book Beaded Macrame Jewelry is a great place to start.

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