Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sherri's New Book - Jewelry Upcycled!

Sherri’s latest book, created with daughter Michelle, is here! Order from the shop, or better yet, check out tomorrow's blog for a chance to win the book.

When I was watching these projects evolve on Sherri’s kitchen table, I picked up a beautiful bracelet that looked like an avant garde crystal piece. Sherri casually remarked that it was made out of a plastic soda bottle. This is what I thought: “!” Seriously. I give Sherri a hard time for using too many exclamation points (New classes! Click here!), but Jewelry Upcycled! deserves its punctuation. You’ll be looking at your recycle bin and junk drawer in a whole new light.

Here’s the synopsis from the publisher, Watson Guptill:

Before you recycle that soda bottle, scrap that old T-shirt, or toss that broken china plate, ask yourself: “Could I use this to make something fabulous?” Impossible? Think again!

In Jewelry Upcycled!, jewelry expert and bestselling author Sherri Haab has teamed up with daughter Michelle Haab to show you how to transform metal, glass, plastic, fabric, and found objects—items you might otherwise recycle or throw away—into fun and exciting jewelry designs.

Explore the creative possibilities of these everyday materials in resourceful and innovative ways: Repurpose plastic bottles into pretty charms, turn broken cassette tapes into braided bracelets, and fashion one-of-a-kind pendants with found objects.

A word about Sherri’s co-author, Michelle: While she was creating projects for this book, she was also creating the uber cute baby Adeline. If you’ve ever been around Michelle or Sherri, you understand the concept of perpetual motion. Non-napping Adeline shares this apparently genetic trait.

Coming soon....Baby Bottle Bangles?

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